Cloud Yuuko Saeki Cloud
Kanji 冴木 由子
Rōmaji Saeki Yūko
Personal Information
Age unknown
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Former shrine maiden
Relatives Tatsuo Saeki (husband)
Makoto Saeki (daughter)
Ability Can see Gods' herald.
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Seiyū unknown
Anime The 15th Successor and Gintaro
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Yūko Saeki (冴木 由子, Saeki Yūko) is the 14th successor of the Saeki Shrine and Tatsuo's late wife. She receives "The Sight", the day her daughter is born and asks Gintarou to watch over Makoto in her stead.


She looks very much like Makoto, though unlike Gintaro's flashback (where she has a similar hair to Makoto's) she actually has long black hair.


Gintaro described her as a very kind and polite lady.


Yuuko is a woman of fragile health and weak, delicate body.[1]


She was the person who had the sight before Makoto and was a shrine maiden at the Saeki Shrine. Makoto's dad fell in love with her and left the brewing business his family had to his sister and husband. They later got married and had Makoto. Due to her illness, she died when Makoto was just four, leaving her with The Sight and Gintaro.

She is mentioned a few times in the story, mostly people commenting that Makoto looks like her.


Like Makoto and Satoru, she also had The Sight - the ability to see and speak to heralds. She was also a very good shrine maiden.


I'm sorry, all I have is a tangerine.


  • According to Makoto's father, Yūko had a fragile health and weak body, which had lead her to choose to be a shrine maiden.[1]
  • Unlike Makoto, she had long black hair.


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