Cloud Satoru Kamio Cloud
Kanji 神尾 悟
Rōmaji Kamio Satoru
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Ability To see Gods' herald.
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Seiyū Kenshō Ono
Anime Satoru and Haru
Image Gallery
Satoru Kamio (神尾 悟, Kamio Satoru) is a boy who stays at Makoto Saeki's house as a freeloader.



Satoru is a polite, serious, and hardworking young man. Because of his Aunt and cousins' attitude towards him, he became very quiet and soft spoken, often not showing his true feelings and opinions, as he feels that it troubles others. He starts opening up when he starts living with Makoto and her father who apprecciates his company and quickly welcomed him into their household.

Satoru is good at studying and kendo. He doesn't like distractions or loud people when he is trying to focus on work. He finds Makoto loud and easy-going at first but soon falls in love with her because of her caring and warm personality.


Satoru grew up in Kamio Shrine. His father was the eldest of his grandfather and his parents died a a few months after he was born. His grandfather then raised him and told his aunt that he was to be the owner of the shrine after he died.

He was very young when his beloved grandpa died and he was able to see Haru. His aunt's family took him in but weren't very welcoming. His aunt, being angry with the fact that her father chose him instead of her own children, didn't care for him and allowed her own children to mistreat him while his uncle kept quiet.

This resulted in Satoru closing himself off from others, claiming he didn't want people to worry about him. He starts opening up when he starts living with Makoto and her dad. He too can see Gintaro and other heralds.


In the manga, he seems to slowly take a liking to Makoto and has a rivalry with Nanami Kosugi.


The Sight - He is able to see God's herald like Makoto.





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