Chibi form of Gintarou & Haru
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Cloud Gintaro Cloud
Gintaro Close
Kanji 銀太郎
Rōmaji Gintarō
Personal Information
Age 350
Species Silver fox
Gender Male
Occupation Gods' herald.
Ability Can see a short glimpse into the future.
Voice Actors
Seiyū Shinichirō Miki
Toshihiko Seki (audio drama)
Anime The 15th Successor and Gintaro
Manga Chapter 1
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Gintaro (銀太郎, Gintarō) is one of the main characters of Gingitsune series.

He is a 350-year-old silver fox and the messenger to the gods. He guards the Inari shrine where Makoto Saeki and her family live.


Gintaro is a tall herald. His fluffy paws are about the same size as Makotos head. His fur is white, and he wears purple juzu bracelets on each wrist. He possesses markings down to his eyes and has a big scar in his left forehead, a scar he got from his physical form.


He is very lazy, a bit arrogant and gruff, but deep down inside he is really kind. 



Gintaro injured and was helped by a girl with an orange.

Before leaving the physical world, Gintaro was a fox. Once he pestered a farmer's field, leading the farmer to his hunt. As an injured fox, a priestess helped him. She could only offer him a tangerine, which is the reason he like to eat it so much.[1] Now he is the herald of the Saeki Shrine.

Gingitsune - 03 -1

Gintaro and Kinjiro

Once he became a herald, Gintaro guards the shrine with his partner, Kinjirō. Although, Kinjiro left the shrine, leaving him alone to guard it.

He was seen by Makoto at the age of four, thus making her the 15th successor of the Saeki Shrine.[1]




Fortune Telling

Tumblr mu9xdnPBtT1s2s2dbo6 400

Gintarou using his power.

Makoto always comes to Gintaro for telling fortunes or making a wise decision. When used, he raises his hand and conjures a black/violet flame to see the future. Gintaro uses this power to find a missing person, animal or thing. He can also use this power to search for a herald.

Gintaro used his power in giving Yumi[1] an advice in making up with her boyfriend. He also used this to find a missing cat and Haru.[2]

Gintaro is unable to see the future of someone with the Sight.[3]


  • Fool, why would i be down there?[1]
  • I couldn't forget about a foolish girl like you, even if I wanted to.[4]



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